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Fulfilling your corporate vision likely requires two basic conditions: building your business and improving your operations. Everything we do is focused on this core concept...

We want to be your resource for practical research and consulting services that will pave your path from Point A to Point B and beyond.

Essentially, research is acquiring (or developing) data and transforming it into information. Sometimes information is enough. Sometimes it's not. (And sometimes, it's too much ? we're all subject to information overload).

The late Malcolm Forbes, founder and editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine, was fond of quoting from Proverbs: "With all thy getting, get understanding." A great quote, because it defines what consulting is all about, i.e., the morphing of information into understanding.

Through Research we gather data, analyze it and assemble it into information. Helping you understand the impact of that information, with recommendations to develop or improve your strategy and to design innovative actions for carrying out that strategy is the Consulting part.

Please browse among the articles and our services sections, and feel free to comment on what you find. We've included an e-mail link on every "page." For your convenience, we've added a search engine to help you find what you're looking for within our site. We hope you'll find here some ideas you can put to use instantly. We also hope you'll leave with a flavor of who we are and how our resources can supplement and complement your own. Come back periodically; you may well discover a creative new way to solve an age-old problem ? or perhaps re-discover a time-honored means of addressing an issue with completely contemporary origins.

We have provided consulting services to dozens of clients in the US and many other countries since 1974. Our management consulting is generally of a strategic nature, while our markets consulting is more specific, relating to buying, selling, and relationships. Technology consulting focuses on trends and applications. We'd like to tell you about our background, our vision, and how we do business.

You'll find our free e-mail newsletter Techmanage.Com of special interest, designed to inform and stimulate discussion among leaders and managers of businesses, our clients, and our fellow consultants. We've also included a weekly column, Doctor Ebiz, about doing business on the Internet. You may subscribe to our newsletter by placing your e-mail address in the box below and clicking on "Go!"

Thanks for visiting us. Please let us know a bit about your background and your "wish list" for achieving your business goals.


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