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Training and discipline allow you to move ahead rapidly while minimizing risks. (By the way, we do enjoy skiing!)
We started in 1973 as a sole proprietorship, mostly conducting technical literature searches (manually!!) and gradually evolved into management consulting, incorporated as Technology Management Associates, Inc. in 1984.

Our core team, with advanced degrees, professional certifications, and 20+ years each of successful industrial/ consulting experience, is joined by additional talented people matching your specific requirements to deliver sound results at a practical fee.

Client Relationships

Superior value is realized when both parties take time to establish a partnership relationship. For this reason, we do not charge for initial exploratory conversations or visits; we only ask that you pay our expenses if travel is involved. Our approach to working with you (see our 7-Step Process), ethical standards, fee and referral policies outlined below reinforce our objective of achieving an open, honest business relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Ethical Standards

We adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Council of Consulting Organizations, Inc., addressing confidentiality and conflict of interest issues, objectivity, fees and professionalism. In addition, you have the freedom to suspend or terminate an assignment at any time, for any reason; upon receiving your notification, we will invoice you just for the expenses incurred to that time and promptly forward all materials to you. (This has occurred exactly once since 1973).


You are in control of your budget. To help you plan and adhere to your budget, we maintain our long-standing policy of pricing by the project, rather than by set hourly fees. You know in advance how much a given set of results will cost, and this arrangement allows both of us the flexibility of unlimited contact without being concerned about the meter running.


We're always happy to refer fellow professionals -- never for a fee -- for work that others are better able to deliver. We call this a Win3 situation: you win, through the introduction of a professional we're staking our own reputation on, with no financial strings attached; we win because we're providing you with a fuller range of services than we could provide to you ourselves; our colleague wins through exposure to new potential clients and, of course, professional fees.

Likewise, we do not pay for referrals to us; that cost would either have to be passed on to you or would reduce our ability to update software, keep up with the latest techniques and otherwise serve you to the best of our ability. This isn't as ungracious as it seems. We've found that referrals for major projects frequently are appropriate for collaboration with the referring professional, who thereby earns a fee for active participation in the project. We also tend to return the favor whenever we can.


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