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Tools of the Trade


Tools of the Trade
We make ample use of four types of tools in our efforts to transform information into understanding. These are:

  • Tech Tools
  • Process Tools
  • Experience Tools
  • Relationship Tools

Tech Tools

We integrate the most practical high-tech tools available into our high-touch approach to client services. These tools provide the efficiencies that support the relationships we build with our client partners; these tools allow us to work faster, better and at lower cost to you.

What are some of our latest tools?

  • T1 lines, for turbo-charged Internet access
  • Rapid paths to multiple search engines
  • Subscriptions to electronic libraries and databases
  • The latest upgrades of word processing, relational database and other analytical software
  • The latest releases of presentation software and multi-media hardware
  • This Web site, with a simple search engine, password protection, survey, and discussion capabilities

Never technology for technology sake, we’re always searching out new, cost-effective tech tools to deliver ever greater value to our clients.

Process Tools

"Getting understanding" often entails a continuum of processes and multiple resources. You may read the details of some of the research processes at our [7 Step Research Process] page. We’ll soon post papers on some of the other processes in our [Articles] section. Our most frequently-used processes are:

  • Primary research
  • Secondary research
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Competitive analysis/comparative advantage studies
  • Technology tracking research
  • Best practice research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology transfer services

Experience Tools

Over our long years of consulting activity (since 1973), we’ve learned that using multiple resources, using resources creatively, and respecting the wisdom of timeless resources (e.g. Peter Drucker’s earliest management books) produces solidly reliable results.

We’ve also developed fluency in using our Tech and Process tools, customizing many of them to extract their greatest value. Over time one learns that no one "solution" or process fits all, and that each assignment requires its own unique blend of standard and unconventional approaches.

Experience has also taught us that only the foolish believe they can be all things to all people. We’ve formed enduring alliances with professionals in valuable disciplines who are "on call" to serve as our – and your – resource for specialized expertise.

Relationship Tools

We’ve installed a discussion section to encourage interaction among our clients, colleagues and friends. Our e-mail newsletter will incorporate an ethical dilemma each month to stimulate your discussion, but we encourage your comments on any managerial issues you may wish to post.

Means and frequency of contact during the course of consulting assignments are flexible and we adapt our style to client preferences. Use of electronic media for communication virtually eliminates geographic, time and cost constraints.

In addition to using multiple media for communicating (e-mail, fax, phone or ???), our clients may request reports in a wide array of electronic as well as traditional formats.

And finally, attitude. Yes, we have one. It’s a desire to produce and deliver real value to our clients and to our Web site visitors, transforming information into understanding and balanced with a touch of humor that keeps everything in perspective.

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