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Why Consulting?
9 Reasons for Using an Outside Resource


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We help you see beyond traditional understandings to the essence to the problem and its solution.

1. Gain New Insights from Combining Existing Pieces of Information

Working across many different industries, geographic locations, size and type of organization sets the stage for a vibrant cross-fertilization of information ... IF you can (quickly and inexpensively) find it, organize it and relate it to a real question or need.

We use relational databases to combine and select information and data from multiple sources, extracting knowledge and understanding that is not immediately apparent. This has proven particularly valuable in our "Beyond Customer Satisfaction" research, which often accumulates 120 or so data points from each 20-minute interview survey. We provide you the data in both raw and query-able format; in most cases, the numerical data is linked with color-coded maps or graphs to display important information visually, which greatly enhances understanding.

2. Take Advantage of Experience and Capability of Specialists on an As-Needed Basis

Years ago, a client needed to find out how satellites could be used for internal communication with employees. One of our own network of experts referred us to a third consultant who had set up just such systems for several of his own clients. Our client obtained exactly the information needed, in a timely and cost-effective manner, to make some important operational decisions.

3. Explore New Directions Without Disrupting Current Work

You can use an outside resource to "test the waters" for a new product (or change in design of an existing one) without distracting your staff from their own responsibilities. This feasibility testing reduces your risks and may be used to protect the confidentiality of a change in strategic competitive direction.

4. Satisfy Regulatory Mandates

Not all organizations can keep up with new rulings from OSHA, EPA, and other government agencies that cover, and have major impact on, their business. Art, a Certified Industrial Hygienist with a Ph.D. in chemistry, helps manufacturers, importers, building managers and health care facilities assess and comply with federal, state and local OSHA, indoor air quality and environmental requirements.

5. Obtain Answers Quickly when Timing Is Critical

Some of our fellow consultants (who have expertise in a particular field, but who do not have the tools, access to data or even the time) call us to research the background of a new potential client or provide other crucial information.

Overseas clients frequently request updates on competitor activity, particularly in the weeks prior to arriving for an important trade show.

6. Access Multiple, Advanced Technologies without Having to Acquire or Learn Them

Some of our Asian and European clients do not have easy access to the databases, or the wide array of software and other information sources, that originate in the United States. Nor are training programs on their use readily available. For many of our clients, gaining proficiency with these analytical methods and tools is just not cost-effective and diverts resources from their core business (see #7, below).

7. Gain Competitive Advantage

Many companies have learned that outsourcing functions outside their core competencies results in a direct, measurable increase in productivity, a distinct competitive advantage.

For example, we could have taken the time and intellectual energy to create this Web site internally. However, we were much more efficient (and profitable) in serving our clients by outsourcing this valuable work (and successful marketing tool) to a source that has developed a level of expertise well beyond anything we could have accomplished while maintaining our client relationships and cost structure.

8. Insure Confidentiality and Anonymity

Some new product concept evaluations, pricing strategies, merger and acquisition analyses, competitor intelligence gathering, and customer satisfaction studies produce the best results when conducted by a third party. Three very good reasons for using outside resources: avoid tipping off your competitors; eliminate premature activity or raised expectations; reduce respondent bias.

9. Increase Internal Capabilities

We want to impart something of lasting value to every client in every assignment we undertake. That's why we carefully outline our methodology and never hide the sources of our information. If you want to conduct your own focus group or internal process or information audit studies, for example, we'll help you design and set up the first one(s), carefully laying out all the steps and analytical processes. This is the basis for some of internal workshops we conduct.

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