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Dilemma: Once Burned? (revisited) The brighter side of the coin


You may recall December's dilemma describing what appeared to be an escalating number of idle requests for credentials and proposals by visitors to one's Web site. These requests often come from people employed with large organizations, but who do not have the authority to buy. Once you've sent your credentials or proposal, your attempts at further communication with the inquirer is met with resounding silence.

I'm delighted to share with you an upbeat "opposing viewpoint" e-mail we received from M. Kay Aufrance


shortly after the December issue went out.

"I.. have something to relate re. Once Burned. It seems to depend on the market.

The real estate agents we have (over 50 of them locally and of course many sites worldwide give us input because they buy the Real Estate Internet TM database software) say the Conversion Rate is much better for those who ask for info. Of course, we don't suggest saying "Sign our Guest Book" we suggest that they offer free info about the area and put up a form that makes it obvious that they want to do business. See


for example.

The agents each have their own stats. but one says 3 out of 10 actually visit and start working with her on looking for properties. She says it works only if she answers via email and us mail and fast.

The other market in which the buyer is very motivated (more so) is vacation rentals. (Travel = perfect Internet application.) The leads all want a booking and now. See




for just a few of this type of site we did (the former is so jazzed they are building a complete on-line res. system thru us - we're integrating it into their own in-house res.system - which is kinda fun! They booked $360,000 gross off the Web site we built them in their first year - but that is ancient history now - 1995!)

Of course - All of the above is a grass roots small biz. perspective, which is what most of our clients are and also where the researchers are finally realizing It's Really Happening in Internet Marketing."
Thanks, M. Kay. We KNEW there were success stories out there!

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