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A Higher Resource


A Higher Resource
Iíd like to tell you how this section was inspired. During the course of a meeting, an Asian client agreed to something I requested, and in response I quoted "Ask and ye shall receive." He paused for a couple of seconds and then nodding, stated "Ah, the Bible...Good business." (Heís not a Christian)

In thinking about some of the scriptural passages Iím familiar with, I was amazed at their applicability to todayís "good business" practices and wanted to share a couple of ideas I had about them with you. This section is designed to encourage you to share some of the "right on" experiences youíve had in the relevancy of the bible to the "best practices" in our current business environment.

This is not intended to be a scholarly bible study, and Iím absolutely not a theologian or Bible expert, so please, no debate about interpretation or dogma. Iím also well aware of business occasions where, for example, "turn the other cheek" is not appropriate or good business sense (same holds true for "an eye for an eye"). Letís keep this an up-beat, respectful use of an ancient, time-honored resource to help us keep our perspective in these times when advertisers really sssttttrrrrretch the truth, television, movies and the theater exalt immorality, and "virtuous politics" sounds like the ultimate oxymoron.

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