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Beyond Customer Satisfaction


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Customer Satisfaction studies reveal what markets think about current offerings of an industry.

Our "Beyond Customer Satisfaction" (maybe we need to coin a buzzword) research reaches deeper into the market's individual and collective perceptions and identifies gaps between their expectations and delivery of what is actually of value to the customer.

Information-gathering focuses on servicing the customer, rather than merely on product specifications (which may or may not be what the customer wants), i.e. responsiveness to customer needs. The recommendations focus on maximizing your strengths for improving your comparative advantage ... and, simultaneously, your bottom line.

We suggest and are able to help you develop means of measuring your baseline service level and monitoring your progress as perceived by your markets. We can also assist you in designing an action plan, incorporating communication of market feedback and improvement goals to your staff.

Customer Satisfaction Research

  • Issue Selection, Ranking
  • Business Importance
  • Customer/Market Importance
  • Use of Information

Budget Considerations

Target Respondent Selection

  • Segments
    • Value-based
    • Traditional
  • Sample Size(s)
  • Respondent Title(s)
Questionnaire Design
  • Positioning
  • Open-ended Format
  • Benchmarking of Competitors & Best Practices
  • Re-statement Opportunities
  • 15-20 minute Duration
  • Test and Modification
Multivariate Analytical Process
  • Query by Variable
  • Correlation of Factors and Modeling
Recommendations Based on Findings
  • Product Opportunities
  • Service Opportunities

Measurement (See Also Management, "Information Audit")

  • Internal: baseline service level
  • External: perceived value

Improvement Plan

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