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Uneasy lies the head that wears a dozen hats!

Whether course corrections will suffice or it's time to reverse strategic direction, your vision of the future strongly influences how you make and manage today's decisions for creating customer value. You're probably weary of the "flavor of the month" latest management fad; so are we. We promise to decode the latest buzzwords and buzzphrases and focus on the tools and techniques that really make a difference in energizing and attaining your vision. But, just for fun and to exercise a long-dormant capability, we've attached Latin phrases (translated) relating to each practice area.

Business Plan Development

Quo Vadis? (Do you know where you're going)? The roadmap/blueprint you need to reach your vision and build your destiny.

Our approach for all types of plans: starting with what it is you want to accomplish, rather than a one-size-fits-all format.

"The devil is in the details" thoroughness for all critical issues, calculations, assumptions, and scenarios.

Business Plan Development Case Examples

Best Practices

Et tu, Brute? (You too, Brutus)? The wheel and other inventions you need that have already been put to good use elsewhere (such as that Brutus guy).

Moderate, inexpensive and even (gasp!) free ways to provide incentives, amenities and rewards to all levels of employee, from the boardroom to the factory floor.

R3 (Re-engineering + Retraining + Redeployment) = Responsible change, helps you adapt the latest, most progressive equation for profitable growth to your business.

Best Practices Case Examples

Management Practices

Noblesse oblige. (Obligation of the nobility, a.k.a. you). Latest theories interpreted so you can select and adapt those most appropriate for leading your business into the new millennium.

Understanding both the strengths and the weaknesses of installing and managing teams, TQM, diversity and other popular programs as experienced by organizations around the world helps you assess their value and associated risks for your own situation.

Management Practices Cases

Information Audit and System Implementation

Cum grano salis. (With a grain of salt). The way you need to view everything you think you know about your markets and your internal operations.

Fundamental and not-so-fundamental input/output analysis of your current market information system and specific needs lays the foundation for the design, development and effective use of specialized reports that point the way to reaching your goals.

The mysteries of your real strategic costs (e.g. of quality, production,) revealed, helping you make the right measures to understand how to improve your competitive advantage.

Information Audit and System Implementation Case Examples

Alliance Partner, Merger/Acquisition Support

Caveat emptor, caveat vendor. (Buyer and seller had better both beware). Finding potential partners is the easy part. Making the marriage work is the hard part.

Well-defined criteria, meeting well-defined objectives, narrows the field of candidates, reducing the amount of wasted analysis.

Structuring a win-win alliance gets the proposal accepted.

Managing the partnership keeps the romance alive.

Alliance, Partner, Merger/Acquisition Support Cases

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