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The US marketplace
This is a vast market! However, it is far from being a single market. What we show here is a common way to segment the U.S. market, by geographic regions. Other segmentation schemes may be more appropriate, such as by zip code, industry concentration, major urban area, competitive activity, or others.

  • Not yet in the U.S. market? We can help you select the best way to start.

  • Ready for expansion? We can help leverage your position and strengths.

  • Well positioned? We can help you respond better to new opportunities as well as threats.

These are some of the ways we can help you address important market-related business issues which you may be facing. Links take you to master checklists. We'll soon be adding sales (where the purchase takes place) topics. Watch for updates.

Beyond Customer Satisfaction

The information you need to build a sustainable competitive advantage, available among your current and lost customers; sales and distribution channels; competitors; and prospects.

Frequent qualitative, probing questions and observations uncover the real concerns behind the numbers.

Ongoing feedback alerts you to important problems and opportunities for your immediate response.

Data provided electronically for later queries.

Industry Description and Analysis

The information you need on key industry-influencing factors to understand the dynamics of your targeted industries and leverage those dynamics to your competitive advantage.

Tracking factors such as emerging technologies, pending legislation, and globalization trends helps you formulate better capital investment and other strategies.

Buyers, suppliers and supporting industries, delivery infrastructure, alliance-building, competitor dominance, and standardization information strengthen your decision-making.

Industry Description and Analysis Case Examples

Market and Territory Assessment

The information you need to plan your marketing strategy, devise action plans, track your progress and fine-tune your market approach (see "Information needs determination (audit)" in the Management section to read how we determine information needs).

Size and future potential estimates, by product or product line, using demographics reveals a generic picture of your market.

Segmenting your customers and economics of different regions clarifies that picture.

Analysis of profitability by internal and external factors (such as changes in competitor pricing or your allocation of expenditures on promotion).

Market and Territory Assessment Case Examples

Trade Show Planning and Assistance

The information, processes and support you need to get the most of your trade show investment.

An integrated approach to the many tasks related to successful trade show participation (including selection of appropriate shows, pre-, during and after-show customer and prospect evaluation and contact) maximizes the return on your substantial expenditure of time and money.

Trade Show Planning and Assistance Case Examples

Sales Representative Selection and Management

The information you need to establish U.S. sales and cover important markets at the least cost, evaluate whether the market potential warrants establishing a direct sales force.

Defined territory structure organizes customers and prospects to maximize your rep network's productivity and profitability.

Appropriate representative background matches your customers' requirements.

Tracking and evaluating results against territory market potentialkeeps you in control.

Sales Representative Selection and Management Case Examples

Competitor Tracking

The information you need to identify and respond both to major competitive threats and to opportunities for gaining competitive advantage. NOTE: there are so many ethical, moral and legal ways to creatively gather and analyze competitive information that it makes no business sense to resort to questionable means (although we wouldn't do that anyway).

Identification of your true competitors, not just the obvious ones, broadens your market definition and therefore your opportunities.

There are so many sources of information within and outside your organization, a well-targeted plan and focused process can save you substantial time and money.

The intelligence collected is compiled, analyzed and presented to assist you in making important market decisions.

Competitor Tracking Case Examples

New Product Assessment

The information you need to develop a highly effective product development process and success in the marketplace.

Gap analyses (such as unmet customer needs, competitor weakness, under-employed existing technology, products and services in foreign markets), coupled with a thorough screening process increases your odds launching winning new products.

New Product Assessment Case Examples

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