Making a Positive Difference…

… has been the guiding principle of Technology Management Associates, Inc. (TMA) over our decades of management consulting. We also have been writing for, and communicating with, a wider audience through articles, books and other media, and occasional speaking engagements.

What does making a positive difference mean? Here’s how we go about making that positive difference.

As Consultants, we partner with our CLIENTS to get a deeper understanding of our clients’ present “what is” position and what that present position has the positive potential to become “what can be.” This parterning opens the window to better decision-making ideas for and with our clients to reach that potential.

We’re delighted to announce that Joanne Gucwa, a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) for 40 years – since 1982, was recertified for another three years in 2021.

As Authors, we are committed to sharing what we’ve learned with our READERS, helping them to acquire a deeper understanding of our natural and man-made world. This empowers our readers to make better decisions in their lives and in the community at-large.

Here’s an at-a-glance picture of the kinds of information (or links, for books we’ve written) you’ll find in this site’s pages.

Knowledge Branches represent the major subject categories we target. These categories serve as guideposts for our clients and our publics (readers and audiences) in aquiring deeper understanding and better decision-making in their work and personal lives. You’ll find knowledge branch lists and links in the right sidebar of the Indexes and other content.

Consulting, Writing, Knowledge Branches: An Overview

Click on any of the five icons below; each links to the relevant main page of our consulting, writing and three main Knowledge Branch subject-area gateways to understanding.


We offer two broad categories of Client Services: 1) Advisory: Management Consulting; 2) Industry/Market Research and Analysis (a subset of Management Consulting.


Our Clients have ranged across the Size spectrum, in more than twenty industry Sectors and in multiple European, Asian as well as U.S. locations.


Our consulting Processes, tailored to each client and type of service provided, have been developed and tested over many years. We’ve made many of these processes available on this site. These include the popular “X Number of Steps to …” and “Applying the Scientific Method to Business” Tutorials.


Our Writing follows three major branches: Management, STEM topics, Life-Long Learning (L3).


Readers of our Management writing are typically employed in a leadership capacity; STEM readers include children, parents, teachers and the general public; L3 readers of all ages have inquisitive minds.


Our Management and L3 works are non-fiction. STEM stories are creative fiction, offering valid, practical lessons of the physical and natural world.


Client reports and communications, are, by definition, private. Publicly-available written channels include books, tutorials, articles, blogs and reviews. We also offer instructive talks, seminars and presentations in both public and private settings.

Knowledge Branches

Knowledge Branches are the main subject areas of both our management consulting and our writing activities.

Management, whether of a business or other type of project, has many interrelated facets. Our deep experience coupled with approaching projects with fresh eyes leads to unique solutions.

STEM subjects pervade nearly every human activity. Our interests, experience and education provide a solid foundation for the STEM components of our consulting and writing activities.

Learning and sharing that learning is the cornerstone of our professional and personal lives. We hope it becomes your cornerstone, too!

We hope you’ll get to know us better as you explore these pages. And we hope to get to know you better in the months ahead. Click on the “contact us” link and select your preferred mode to ask questions or simply to say HI.