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The first two “steps” from the left of the illustration below consists of information about our work. The following three levels of the virtual staircase represents our commitment to sharing the knowledge we’ve gained through our decades of consulting, writing and reading related to the Knowledge Branches. You can find the list of Knowledge Branches in the right sidebar located on every page of the last three steps).

Home. Everything radiates from our home page: Making a Positive Difference. Click on the home tab at the top of this page to learn about our philosophy, an introduction to our Consulting and Writing activities and to the Knowledge Branches that encompass the scope of our consulting and writing.

Focus Areas. Click on the Consulting and Writing tabs at the top of this page.You will find additional information on how we work. Click on the internal links and that of our sister site, BioFables, for more specific details on our consulting and writing activities.

Knowledge Branches. Our Consulting and Writing activities typically incorporate aspects of at least two of the three broad categories of knowledge: Management, Science-Technology, and Life-Long Learning, that you’ll find listed in the right sidebar. The Management Knowledge offshoots of the sub-branches are alphabetized. The Science-Technology and Life-Long Learning offshoots are listed in hierarchical order, In keeping with traditional practice.

Click on the Knowledge Branches tab at the top of this page. This page offers definitions for the sub-branches and some of their offshoots. (We’ll leave further divisions into “twigs and leaves” to the taxonomists). Left and right sidebars link to Indexes of all this site’s Learning Content.

Indexes. The left and right sidebars link to Indexes that list and link to specific, categorized titles of articles and other content. There are two types of Indexes in the left sidebar: by type of content (e.g. Tutorials or Mini-Cases), and by major Knowledge Branch within the Management, Science-Technology and Learning groups. The right sidebar offers the full list of subcategories so you can see the scope of our content. These subcategories link to the specific area where you will find lists of articles and other content relevant to that sub-category.

As many articles and other content have relevance to multiple sub-categories, their listings will appear under those sub-categories.

Learning Content. Most of the content pages of this site have a strong Learning component. You will find these Learning pages categorized and linked under both Knowledge Branch and type of content. We’ve structured the site this way so you can locate content regardless of whether you’re looking for a specific Knowledge Branch category or prefer to browse by type of content.

We’re want to share our knowledge as part of our commitment to making a positive difference in our readers’ lives and in the lives with whom they, in turn, share with others what they have learned.

Happy Exploring!