The written word has come a long way. Its journey from stone tablets to electronic tablets has spanned millennia; today, both writers and readers enjoy the ease of production, low cost and variety of topics available that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. We’re dedicated to leveraging technology and services to share our ideas, experience, knowledge and so much more with our readers through multiple types of media.


Our books focus on two main areas: business, and the BioFables series of STEM-based fiction for children (and the adults in their lives). To date, we’ve published eight books; three more (Innovative Entrepreneurship, Volumes I and II and Pumpkins – working title) are in preparation. They are scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2020.

People, Places and Tough Plastics
Innovative Entrepreneurship
E-I-E-I-Uh Oh
Sand Sack
Palisades Escapades
A Stone’s Throw
Catch of the Day
Sand Sack Companion Book
Future Books: Working Titles

Business Books

People, Places and Tough Plastics is a collaborative business biography of Howard Irvin, retired president of Borg Warner International and trailplazer who developed the unbreakable material used in telephone housings (remember those?) and toy building blocks. He passed away in 2017 at the age of 98. You can view his YouTube video here and click on the People, Places book image to purchase the book from Amazon.

A two-volume entrepreneurship book (Innovative Entrepreneurship; Riding Confidently Toward Success) and the next BioFables book (working title: Pumpkins) are scheduled to be published during the second quarter of 2020.

BioFables; STEM-based Fiction Series

Visit the BioFables website for a wealth of information on each of the books in the series, blogs by the main characters in the series, and much more. Click on the images above to link directly to each book’s introduction, a chapter-by-chapter identification of that book’s STEM and other Knowledge Gateway subjects and topics, and links to external resources. The seven published BioFables books are available for purchase through Amazon. You will find direct links to Amazon for each book on their respective BioFables pages.

Purchasing Our Books

Your book purchases help enable us to provide tutorials and all the other free resources we offer here and at the BioFables site. As a thank you, we’re offering visitors to this site a special discount. Contact us for the code to receive 20% off Amazon’s retail price. If you wish to order six or more books, contact us for very attractive quantity discounts.

A Word about Site Updates

Our vision is to offer you new business and personal-life insights by adding new material frequently. Click on the titles below for an index of that category’s content. Each item links to its content index and to its relevant Knowledge Branch(es). We’ll soon be adding a notice of “recent updates” to this site.


While many of our business readers are seasoned executives, others are just setting out, either as entrepreneurs or as recent graduates. Our tutorials offer back-to-basics guides to practical business processes. These include information gathering and analysis, manufacturing management, and globalization. Many are in the “X Keys to …” format. The Tutorial Index lists titles categorized by their business function.


These are brief descriptions of some of our client assignments. They offer insights into common management needs across many functional areas that we think you’ll find useful. See the Mini-Cases Index for list titles.


Mostly business focused, our articles present and explore classic management and contemporary thinking on ways to pave your paths to success. See the Articles Index for list titles.


Our guiding principle of making a positive difference led us to design a different kind of review. You can read the first (Arabian Nights) of dozens of ancient, classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction literature (and other media) that we plan to upload in the coming months.

With so many choices to read, watch, listen and do, our reviews can help you decide what may be worth your valuable time. How? Each review will incorporate a guide to some of the lessons we’ve uncovered, classified by the three major Knowledge Branches within this site: Management, Sciences and Life Skills. They offer something for nearly everyone who wants to continue learning, improving and sharing their knowledge, whatever their age or station in life. Is Tolstoy’s War and Peace (at 1,100 pages, written in 1869) a worthwhile classic to read? Is Amor Towles (A Gentleman in Moscow, 2016) a worthy successor to Tolstoy? What about the Histories by Herodotus (written in 440 BC) or William Gibbons’ three-volume opus The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.


Blog items focus on one aspect of a broader topic. Usually shorter than articles, these brief observations offer quick-read suggestions on business, health and other areas. See the Blog Index for list titles.